Recent Research

  • Purao, S., M. Garfield, X. Gu, and P. Bhetwal. 2019. Predicting the Slide to Long-Term Homelessness. IEEE Conference on Business Informatics. Moscow, Russia. (See Press Release)
  • Purao, S. and Meng, C., 2019, November. Data Capture and Analyses from Conversational Devices in the Homes of the Elderly. International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (pp. 157-166). Springer, Cham.
  • Murungi, D., Yates, D., Purao, S. and Yates, D., Y. Yu, and R. Zhan. 2019. Factual or Believable? Negotiating the Boundaries of Confirmation Bias. Proceedings of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.
  • Maass, W., Parsons, J., Purao, S., Storey, V.C. and Woo, C., 2018. Data-Driven Meets Theory-Driven Research in the Era of Big Data: Opportunities and Challenges for Information Systems Research. Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 19(12), pp.1253-1273.
  • Purao, S., Bolloju, N. and Tan, C.H., 2018. A modeling language for conceptual design of systems integration solutions. ACM Transactions on Management Information Systems, 9(2), 1-25.

Last Updated: Feb 2020