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Recent Research Outcomes
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  1. Purao, S. 2021. Design Science Research Problems … Where do they come from? 15th International Conference in Design Science Research in Information Technology and Systems. Kristiansand, Norway. July.
  2. Purao, S., Hao, H., and Meng, C. 2021. The Use of Smart Home Speakers by the Elderly: Exploratory Analyses and Potential for Big Data. Big Data Research. Elsevier. Forthcoming.
  3. Purao, S., Murungi, D., Yates, D. 2021. Deliberative Breakdowns in the Social Representation Process: Evidence from Reader Comments in Partisan News Sites. ACM Transactions on Social Computing. Forthcoming.
  4. Purao, S. (Co-PI) with M. Garfield (PI). 2020. Improving Service Delivery for the Homeless with Analytics and Process Modeling. Smart Cities and Communities Program. National Science Foundation. ~$140k
  5. Purao, S., L. Chandra. A. Mädche. 2020. Design Principles: Where do… they all come from? Design Sciences Conference on Information Systems and Technology. Kristiansand, Norway.
  6. Purao. S., and A. Karunakaran. 2020. Designing Platforms to Support Knowledge-Intensive Organizational Work. Forthcoming in Design Science Research Cases. Eds. Jan vom Brocke, A. Hevner, A, Maedeche. Springer
  7. J. He, D. Murungi, S. Purao, A. Karunakaran. 2020. The Use of Action Knowledge to Support Work: The Case of Petrochemical Operators. European Conference on Information Systems.
  8. Purao, S., M. Garfield. 2020. Process Modeling in Humanitarian Settings: A Case Study and Lessons Learned. European Conference on Information Systems.
  9. Purao, S., M. Garfield, X. Gu, and P. Bhetwal. 2019. Predicting the Slide to Long-Term Homelessness. IEEE Conference on Business Informatics. Moscow, Russia. (See Press Release)

Last Updated: April 2021