Recent Research

Recent Research
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[ Keynote at DESRIST 2024 at Trollhättan, Sweden, June 2024]
[ Keynote at AIRC 2023 at IIM, Lucknow December 2023 ]
[ Interview by NPR Tulsa: Research that Matters March 2022]
Podcast Interview: Designing for Societal Good January 2022 ]

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  3. Wass, S., Thygesen, E., and Purao, S. 2023. Principles to Facilitate Social Inclusion for Design-oriented Research. Journal of the AIS. DOI: 10.17705/1jais.00814
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  5. Chandra-Kruse, L., Purao, S., and Seidel, S. 2022. How Designers Use Design Principles: Design Behaviors and Modes of Application. Journal of the AIS. Forthcoming.
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  8. Mulgund, P., Sharman, R., Purao, S., Thimmanayakanapalya, S., and Winkelstein, P. 2021. Mapping Information Needs of Patients With Sexually Transmitted Infections Using Web-Based Data Sources: Grounded Theory Investigation. Journal of Medical Internet Research. JMIR, 23(11):e30125
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  10. Purao, S., Murungi, D., Yates, D. 2021. Deliberative Breakdowns in the Social Representation Process: Evidence from Reader Comments in Partisan News Sites. ACM Transactions on Social Computing. 4(2), pp.1-35.
  11. Purao, S. (Co-PI) with M. Garfield (PI). 2020. Improving Service Delivery for the Homeless with Analytics and Process Modeling. Smart Cities and Communities Program. National Science Foundation. ~$140k

Last Updated: December 2023