Paper accepted at Journal of the AIS

Paper accepted at the Journal of the AIS  that explores how design professionals reuse design principles extracted from prior design science research (DSR) projects. We find that this use can be analyzed with two dimensions: (a) different designer behaviors, and (b) different modes of applying design principles. By combining the two dimensions we derive two use pathways – forward chaining and backward chaining. The findings lead us to implications for the DSR community, and for formulating more “use”-ful design principles. With Chandra-Kruse, L. and Seidel, S. (both at Universität Liechtenstein).
  • Chandra-Kruse, L., Purao, S., and Seidel, S. 2022. How Designers Use Design Principles: Design Behaviors and Modes of Application. Journal of the AIS. Forthcoming.
  • Access the authors’ version of the paper here