Paper Accepted at Journal of the AIS

Paper accepted at the Journal of the AIS that derives principles to facilitate social inclusion during design-oriented research. Our work draws on the design of three IT-based artifacts to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities transition from school to work. We analyze these with the help of three facets of social inclusion drawn from prior work: self-determination, belongingness, and social capital. The principles include: Principle of Problem Ownership and Solution Commitment, Principle of Individual Differences, Principle of Interdependence with the Support Network, Principle of Customized Research Conduct, and Principle of Authentic Collaboration. With Wass, S. and Thygesen, E. (both at Universitet i Agder).
  • Wass, S., Thygesen, E., Purao, S. 2023. Principles to Facilitate Social Inclusion for Design-oriented Research. Journal of the AIS, Special Issue on Technology and Social Inclusion.Forthcoming.
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