Research Impact – RC Update – Sept 2021

Update to the Research Council and Discussion of Next Steps
From the Sub-committee on Broader Research Impact. 10 September 2021.

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Sandeep Purao (Chair)
Last Year Sub-Committee:
Robert DeLeo, Gopal Krishnan, Tzarina Prater, Kristina Minnick (not on RC starting Fall 2021)

Purpose of the study 

  • Exploring how to incorporate ideas such as thought leadership, the value of our research to external stakeholders (practitioners, students, policymakers, and society), and visibility

The impetus for the study

Key insights from the work done so far

  • A clear understanding of two dimensions: a scholarly or creative contribution can be examined and understood in terms of (a) academic quality, and (b) broader impact. (See Presentation Oct 2020)
  • This recognition of the two dimensions can be valuable for each entity (individual scholars, research groups and departments, colleges, and the university). (See Bentley Research Statement March 2020)
    • Individual scholars can manage their portfolios of papers and projects considering their own trajectory of work, career choices, and interests.
    • Departments can decide on an identity that allows them to focus on the relative importance of the two dimensions
    • Colleges and the University can support individual faculty and departments to achieve their goals in different ways by acknowledging these differences (See the slide titled “Portfolio Approach” in the Presentation)


The focus of this update: Curated Examples

  • We designed a simple, one-page template for generating curated examples that can provide clear
  • Each provides a short (one-page) description that clearly shows how the two dimensions can be examined for a (set of) scholarly or creative contributions.


Work from the sub-committee before this update


Next Steps