Current Projects

My research efforts are often driven by problems in practice, observed or anticipated, and have been supported by Funding from several sources. Current projects include:

Research Themes

Design, evolution, and management of complex techno-organizational systems, blending methods from organizational science and software engineering to address these broad themes:

  • Design Knowledge Reuse
  • The Sciences of Design
  • Design of Complex Techno-social Systems
  • Technology-driven Pedagogy

Research Outcomes

Contributions to theory and practical outcomes, such as design principles for different classes of IT artifacts, guidelines for improving deployment efforts, improved understanding of how  IT artifacts benefit organizational work practice, and more refined explanations of how their introduction can impact organizational work and structure, disseminated as:

Reflection (as a Researcher in a field that deals with both organizations and information technologies): Is it possible to articulate Grand Challenges for a research agenda that sits at the intersection of these two domains?