Research Manuscripts

Manuscripts under Review (Outlet)

  • Deliberative Breakdowns in Social Representation Processes … (top-tier, CS)
  • How Designers Use Design Principles: Design Behaviors and Application Modes (top-tier, IS)
  • A Meso-Level Theory for The Design of Patient-Centered Clinical Decision Support Systems (top-tier, IS)
  • Patterns of Voice Device Use by the Elderly: Visualization and Sonification (mid-tier, CS)
  • Conceptualizing the IT Artifact in Digital Government: A Review and Future Directions (top-tier, Public Policy)
  • Do Common Abstractions Improve Design Knowledge Reuse? A Controlled Experiment (mid-tier, IS)
  • Action Design Research in Practice: Towards a ‘Method-in-Use’ (top-tier, IS)
  • Combating the Spread of Fake News: The Role of Deliberative Capacity (top-tier, IS)

Manuscripts in Progress (Target)

  • Exploring the Effectiveness of CDSS on Cancer Care (premier, Open source)
  • The Use of Knowledge by Frontline Professionals in HRO’s (top-tier, Mgmt)
  • Knowledge Extraction from Operator Procedures (top-tier, IS)
  • Eliciting information needs of patients for taboo diseases: A grounded theory approach
  • Templating to Support Complex Organizational Work (top-tier, Management)
  • Data analytics and Process Modeling to Improve Service Delivery for the Homeless (mid-tier, IS)
  • Selecting and Developing Research Topics for IS Research (Journal of record, IS)
  • From Projects to Papers: Strategies for Publishing Design Science Work (Journal of record, IS)

Ongoing Work

  • Generating Design Science Theories from Designed Artifacts
  • Exploring Design Options to Support Self-Care for Chronic Diseases
  • Facilitating Critical Exploration: A New Teaching Resource
  • Exploring Conflict Modeling in Organizations