Software Artifacts

  1. MyHealthNotes: Personal health information management for the elderly (S. Purao, P. Mulgund). 2019.
  2. ASSIST: Voice-assisted Management of Health-related Information for the Elderly. (S. Purao, Y. Xu, J. Lantos, I. Markwei). 2017.
  3. i-Waltham 0.1: Citizen reporting of city asset maintenance. (S. Purao, Nam Pham and Tamara Babaian). 2016.
  4. CM2: Conflict management, a tool to mine text data to infer escalation and de-escalation in conflict episodes. (S. Purao, Guang Zhang and Yilu Zhou). 2015. (C)
  5. SPA: Semantic Procedure Analyzer, a tool to parse and chunk operator procedures in the petrochemical industry. (S. Purao and J. He). 2011. (C)
  6. PEBBLE: An assistant to structure classes with Problem-base Learning. A tool to facilitate deployment of problem-based learning approaches (S. Purao with help from R. Moser). 2011.
  7. SASSY: A Soft-Skill-Appraiser. A tool to facilitate the assessment of soft skill levels in individuals (S. Purao with help from R. Moser). 2011. (C)
  8. SERMON: A multi-level Service Monitor. A tool for monitoring based on a re-conceptualization of processes as speech-act-driven interactions of services. (W. Robinson and S. Purao). 2010. (C, J)
  9. REKON: A Platform for Recombinable, Granular Knowledge Assets. A navigable repository of recombinable, granular knowledge assets to support building systems of systems (S. Purao and A. Karunakaran). 2010. (C)
  10. ID-ASSIST: Integration Designer Assistant. A tool to compose enterprise integration solutions as conversations among web services (K. Umapathy and S. Purao) 2008. (C, J)
  11. READABLE: Readable, Executable, Augmentable Database-Linked Environment. A platform to capture and represent the structure of software to make it maintainable (C. Chua, S. Purao and V. C. Storey) 2007. (C, J)
  12. ADAM: Automated Domain Modeling Assistant. A tool to identify domain models from multiple reverse-engineered applications in a domain. (A. Sengupta, S. Purao, V. C. Storey). 2007. (C)
  13. CONQUER: Context-aware Query Processor for the World-wide-web. An interactive tool to pre-process queries for infusing semantic content. (V. Sugumaran, S. Purao, V. C. Storey, and A. Burton-Jones). 2006. (C, J)
  14. DFC: Domain-Fragment-Creator: Creating domain model fragments by simulating analysis patterns. A tool to identify higher-granularity, higher-specificity reusable assets. (Han, T., S. Purao, and V. C. Storey) 2005. (C, J)
  15. OM: OO-Metrics-Repository: A repository of product metrics for object-oriented software. A structured repository of product metrics for object-oriented software. (S. Purao and V. Vaishnavi) 2002. (J)
  16. APSARA: Automated Pattern Retrieval and Synthesis Assistant. A tool to assist in the reuse of analysis patterns during conceptual design of information systems. (S. Purao, T. Han, and V. C. Storey) 2002. (C, J)
  17. ODE: Object Distribution Assistant. A tool to assist in the distribution of components from object-oriented applications. (Purao, S.) 1999. (C, J)

Note: C: Associated Conference paper, J: Associated Journal publication.