Summary of Courses Taught (Details)


  • Design-related research (Penn State)
  • Organizational Informatics (Penn State)


  • Technology Management and Innovation (Bentley)
  • Business Process Management (Bentley)
  • Designing for the Value Chain (Bentley)
  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture (Penn State)
  • Scholarship in Enterprise Architecture (Penn State)
  • Database Management (Georgia State)
  • Advanced Database Management (Georgia State)


  • Enterprise Systems and Process Management (Bentley)
  • Fundamentals of Enterprise Integration (Penn State)
  • Advanced Enterprise Integration (Penn State)
  • Enterprise Information and Storage Management (Penn State)
  • Open Source Fundamentals (Penn State)
  • Global Systems Development (Penn State)
  • Object-oriented Systems Development (Georgia State)
  • Systems Analysis and Design (Georgia State)